Disneyland Paris Day 1 & 2

For Christmas and my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, I decided to take him to Disneyland Paris, definitely a splurge but we both enjoy Disney and I’m always talking about it.

When I found the deal on Groupon by a company called Viva Holidays in November. I rang them, told them the dates I wanted and what they could offer me. Booked. So excited! I decided not to tell him and kept it a secret. I took his passport when I was down in Bath and just praying that he didn’t notice – he didn’t.

On Christmas day, I decided to give him 16 presents – 1 present for every letter ‘DISNEYLAND PARIS’ the last present being a clue to help him understand that it spelt a word or two.



4th January 2017; Our journey begins.

Our flight left Luton in the afternoon, arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. I hadn’t booked transfers from the airport but I had done lots of research about getting the TGV – as this is cheap and quick to Disneyland. Charles de Gaulle is a huge airport and when we went to book tickets, I spoke to a lady who worked there who told me which ticket to get and I paid for it – it looked right. When heading to the platform for the TGV, the security told me, I was at the wrong station/platform. Very confusing as it was all in French. Eventually we got on the train and it’s like London underground and there was a map on the wall. I couldn’t see our destination. A lovely French lady asked where we were going, she must have ‘googled’ how to get to Disneyland Paris. She was very helpful.

Eventually after 2 hours we arrived. We had got on the RER Train. We had to switch which was confusing! Once in Disneyland Paris, we had to grab a shuttle bus to our hotel ‘ Kyraid’. We headed over to the shuttle buses and there was queues of people everywhere, the park had just closed. It was mayhem, people were pushing onto the buses all the time. After about 4 filling up, we were on like sardines in a tin!

5th January 2017; Walt Disney Studios

I had done my research and knew we had to be at the park entrances early. We left the hotel at 8am, grabbing breakfast at MCDs in the Disneyland Village. Before getting to the park gates at 9am. We waited at the gates until they were opened at 9:45. We decided to aim to go on Crush’s Coaster as I had heard this got very busy throughout the day.

After Crush’s Coaster, we wandered through Toy Story Land. I love just taking in the scenery. It was still quiet then so this was the best time to take photos. I wanted to bring my ‘big’ camera but it was just the weight in the suitcase, I was panicking about.

We queued for the Ratatouille ride. I didn’t know much about it so it was all very new. I think we waited 50 minutes or so. It was great. It’s a 3D/4D ride, you get given glasses and you are the rat ‘Remi’ and you see the whole thing from his point of view.

We walked past the Tower of Terror and the queue was 30 minutes. I did this one on my own. My boyfriend hates heights so I did this. I have done it before but wanted to try and do everything I enjoy. I love rides and it’s definitely one of the best parts of the park. After this, we headed for Rock ‘N’ Roll Coaster. I love this ride also. It is fast and upbeat. Again the boyfriend wasn’t keen but he did it. We even ended up on the front row, even better for me!

After this, we stopped for a break, grabbing a drink and something to eat. I went for a Hot Chocolate in a Disney mug and Popcorn in a Disney tub, before getting in a queue ready to watch the Stunt Show.

After the show, we wandered around the Studio Park and realised we had done everything we wanted, that was open. Everything else was shut e.g. the ‘stunt’ Tram ride – Star Wars hadn’t started then. We took photos, capturing the memories. We both knew that as soon as we left the park, we would be unable to come back in. Of course, there are many other rides ‘children’s rides’.

We moved on to Disneyland Park. This is the main park at Disneyland Paris. This park houses the castle and all the shows. We decided not to do many rides as it was late in the day and just focus on the shows and smaller areas, walking around, taking photos.

We walked past ‘It’s a small world’, the queue was 30 minutes and we had lots of time before shows. We decided to do it. We queued and went on the ride. It is a slow, children’s ride but something which is a must in the park.
After this, we did the Curious Labyrinth Maze – Alice In Wonderland. It was lovely sunny day so this was nice to do.

At 4:30pm, I waited for the Disney Magic Parade. I had researched about where the best place to be is and what time to get there for. I was prepared.

At 6:30pm, we set up our a spot for the Disney Christmas Dreams ready for 7pm.

I really wanted to be one of the last people in the park but by 8pm, we were sort of bored, had enough shopping, cold and just hungry so we left but there was still lots of people shopping in the shops considering the park was closed and every cast member was trying to kick you out.

We headed for the Disney Village and queued for Planet Hollywood. I think we had to wait 30-40 minutes for a table, which wasn’t too bad but we should had booked! It was lovely!
After eating, we went shopping around Disney Village and arrived back at our hotel at 10:30pm.

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? What did you enjoy the most?



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