Today was the start of my adventure, travelling to USA, Orlando in Florida. I have spent most of the day, sitting down on an aeroplane. When I was on the plane, I got very upset and just couldn’t stop crying. It wouldn’t shift.

“I’m on my way to start this new adventure, sitting on a plane surrounded by people I don’t know. I want this blog to be honest and I will. I am struggling already.Not having the people I love, to talk to, to ask questions, to share my feelings with.Being on a plane for nine and half hours, gets you thinking. I am questioning everything I’ve ever known. Can I do this? What would happen if I quit early? I want to do this but I am scared of the unknown. Will I make friends? I know I’ve got to give it a go as I know I’ll be disappointed in myself. 4 months is a long time but it’s not. It’s 131 days. I can do this.Maybe I am a little bit of a home bird and enjoy my home, family and friends. I don’t like change and the unknown. That’s what scares me the most, not knowing what’s going to happen.I know I have to be strong, brave but I’m struggling with no family/friends around me. I’m just feeling like I need constant support, someone in my ear telling me I can do this or a hug.Right now, I just want to contact my parents and I can’t. I want them to tell me everything will be okay, that I can do this but right now I feel that I just can’t. All I want to do is get off this plane, turn round and come home.”

The journey was fine though, the flight was with Virgin Atlantic, they were very generous, offering food/snacks, hot towels throughout the flight. It made you feel very welcome, like royalty even though I was only economy!

When leaving for the coach to the hotel, I was given an option of free transport by a company called Mears Motor Shuttle, however they were very honest and said I could use the Disney Magic Express so I made my way over and got the Disney Magic Express.

When sitting on the bus on my own, they were giving the customers tips on how to make the best of the Disney experience. I definetly want to come back and do Disney again properly! Anyway the point I’m trying to make is, they call it the ‘the most magical place on earth’ This did make me very excited for what is about to happen and driving into Disney with the firework display going on – it definitely was an entrance to remember. I just did that it was as a holiday with my family not for 4 months. 

don’t mind travelling but today was tough. Any tips of travelling on your own? How to conquer the homesick? 



2 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. you are an amazing young lady who every one loves. You will have no problems making new friends as you are such a lovely person. Crying is a good thing it relieves the stress so don’t hold it in. I’m sure there will be others feeling lost and alone like you. Just remember it is just for a short time and everyone is behind you and willing you on. Stay strong and keep smiling you CAN do this xxxxx

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