Day 1

Okay so after an okay, jet lagged night sleep. It was Day 1. Ready for training.

After an early morning start of 6am to be ready to meet the team for training at 7:30am. Fortunately for me, when I arrived at my hotel room the night before, after my flight, I found out I was sharing a room. This is a good thing because it meant I have someone to talk to and prepare for the days ahead but also I do like my own space so it would have been nice to be alone however I do have to get used to sharing. Anyway, so I did go with my roommate to get breakfast and to wait for the training to begin. We were given our inland Disney cards which is our ID and access into the Disney Parks for inland. When we get on the ship, we will have sea cards. We boarded a Disney Cruise Line bus and headed to Disney University. On my training, there is 6 of us, all doing completely different jobs on the Disney Wonder but also there together. Two are American and I am jealous because they can still text and use the Internet as much as they want when in America and speak to their families. For them it’s like moving to London or somewhere for like 4 months, my room mate is from China, 1 is from Dominican Republic and the other is Indonesia. 

Once at Disney University, we were escorted up to our classroom for the day, where we met our teachers. They were two lovely women who really did treat us like family, looking after us. The first part of the training was all about the legal stuff, which has to be done and working with Integrity before moving on to the class ‘Disney Traditions’. This was a fun exciting class, where there was a lot of information to take in but it was made fun. We had to know a lot of Disney characters, the main points when talking to guest members onboard the ship, amongst other things. I was told some secrets which are top secret and never to be revealed…Shh! During the class, we visited Magic Kingdom to see the top tips work within the parks and how cast members deal with the situations they may be faced with. At the end of our time at Disney University, we met Mickey Mouse! He came to visit us and give us a present with our name badges in! This is a big step, finally considered a cruise member. ‘Molly, United Kingdom’.

Once the classes had finished today, I headed back to my hotel room to freshen up, change and my roommate and I decided to head to Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours, to just enjoy the perks while we can! We wandered around Magic Kingdom, taking endless photos, which I’m sure I’ll want to keep them all. We did go on one ride called ‘Monsters Inc, Laugh Out’ rather than the monsters screaming, they were telling jokes to make the ‘humans’ laugh. We ended the night watching the fireworks. It was amazing! ❤(youtube video to follow soon).

Overall, a productive busy day. I have had a few moments of feeling home sick and still feeling that I want to go home but I’m trying to keep busy, I am excited – just those small doubts here and there and obviously missing the family plays a big part. This is why I do enjoy writing this blog already because it’s somewhere where I can let everything out. At the moment, it’s just wanting a hug from my family to tell me I’m doing a great job and that I can keep going, because it’s tough. I am the youngest and no one seems to struggle, they all seem used to being away from home. Not me. Little old me. I like being at home with family. I love and miss them ❤


It was definitely exciting times to go to Magic Kingdom, it’s time for me to brave and focus on becoming the best cruise member I can be – Disney focus on creating happiness so I need to be happy as I can be. 



3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Hi Mols. Just catching up with your blog. Don’t think that everyone else is ok because they don’t show it. You wont be the only one who misses your home and family, and its ok to feel like that anyway! The time will go so fast but sending you a big hug and hope your feelings ease xx


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