Day 2

Day 2 was another early morning. Ready for training once again by 7:30. A bus picked us up and we headed to Disney University.

The morning at University, I learnt about Disney Cruise Line as a company and how we create the magic. This was interesting and at the end we had a reflection – a look back on how far we’ve come. It definetly made me think –  can I do this? Again there is still doubt but I know I just have to go for it, otherwise I will regret it. All the other people training with me, are so grateful to have this opportunity so I will feel so bad for giving it up at the first hurdle. I hope that you can all support me and keep me going! 

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to spend it in Epcot, visiting different countries. It was lots of fun – visiting Mexico, Norway where Frozen is, Germany, China, Japan, Italy and of course U.K. – England; my home place. In these places there were pubs and fish and chip shops to represent. Also while at Epcot, there is the flower and gardens display. Here are a few.

A few of us training went home and some stayed and moved to Magic Kingdom, as it was only 2. I kept going and moved to Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is a magical place which will always be close to my heart – it’s where the castle is. It’s where it all began, where Walt Disney believed ‘its kind of fun to do the impossible’.

 Definetly a great day and something I will always remember. 

Just remember keep your spirits up and keep going on. Be strong!

My new adventure begins today on the Cruise where there is a lot more information and things going on. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Looks like you are finally feeling more positive. Continue taking one day at a time . Thank you for the updates I am really enjoying reading about you experience. Keep smiling and stay safe xxxx

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