First Day Cruising

Today I arrived to my new home the Disney Wonder. It’s a big ship which is now my home for the next four months or so. 

Disney Wonder is one of the classic ships which has been around since 1999. It is one of the smaller ships only holding 2,700 guests and about 980 or something crew. Still a lot right? In the lobby of the ship called the Atrium, there is a statue. Each ship has a different statue. Wonder has Ariel from Little Mermaid. It has three dining restaurants;

  • Tiana’s Place
  • Tritons
  • Animators Palete.

I learnt of information about the Disney Wonder and what it looks like and inside, but slowly I’ll tell you more each time I blog, maybe – so it doesn’t bother you.

Today, I had travelled from Orlando to Port Carnvarel which is just over an hour. I went through security – dogs sniffed all the bags, metal  dectors like at the airport etc. Once aboard the ship, we were given a lot of information, which by the end of the day I was so overwhelmed. There was a ship tour which took ages and all the crew areas look the same – white. There was a safety talk with numbers to remember and where to be in an emergency with abandon ship etc. 

After that I was given a few hours off to explore, work out where everything is, my room to meet my cabin mate, however when I got there. I felt so overwhelmed with what to do and where to begin because it is a small space. I just broke down and thought to myself I can’t do this. I tried to connect to the internet and it wasn’t working when all I wanted to do was talk to my family. However eventually I tried to unpack my suitcase and get that out the way because I generally couldn’t move and then spent the time on my phone trying to set it up and I did it! For 500mb it’s about $20. We shall see how long that lasts – trying to turn it off when not in use. I didn’t meet my room at this point which also did make me overwhelmed because I had no one. 

After speaking to my family for a bit, I decided to explore. Now normally I’m good at sense of directions but I was lost. I think I wandered the same section called I-95 for about 10 minutes or so, walking up and down, getting lost. It’s because some of the doors were shut due to embarkation day so it confused me since my tour this morning. Now I’m nearly there!

We went back to some training in the afternoon, with clock in machines, checking messages from leaders before heading into a guest area to watch the sail away party. It was amazing to see it. I videoed it so it will be up whenever I can. We finished with another ship tour of deck 9/10 and met some more people – Human Resources before being given our leader for my department. Abby. She is lovely – she is the person I go to for all my issues – she gave me another tour of some of the ship and the rooms I’ll be in and meeting the team.

I had dinner and sat in my room, napped and read over some of the paperwork. Before heading out at like 11:30 ready to watch the premerie of Beauty and The Beast, for crew. It was amazing! So good! After that straight to bed. So tired! 

So today again ups and downs but slowly less downs I hope! Thank you to everyone for all the support – it means the world.  Catch up soon



4 thoughts on “First Day Cruising

  1. I get so excited every time there is a new blog from you. You are doing a great job explaining everything. Glad you are feeling better as the time goes by it will become even easier. I’m really jealous you have seen beauty and the beast and in such an amazing place. I’m going to google your ship now. Keep smiling xxx

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  2. Hi Molly,
    Lovely reading you blog and what your getting up to. You can do this and will do this! In a few weeks you wont believe how you had been feeling and such a fantastic opportunity.
    You can’t come home you need to tells us what your up too! ;-)) xxx enjoy! Xx

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  3. You are being so brave Molly…..such a massive step for you all by yourself… should be really proud of yourself!! Keep up the blogs….I’m trying to picture everything you’re doing. Jealous of you seeing Beauty and the Beast….I must go to see it soon! ! Xx


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