Day 2 of Training Week

Monday 20th March; This is day 2 of my training. Today, I had a sort of busy day, bit of time off in between but I’ll explain.

When I woke up this morning at 7am, we were no longer in Port Canaveral, Florida. Castaway Cay (pronounced like Key) in Bahamas was our location. This is Disney’s own island. I’ll go more into that later.

In the morning, I had training on polices and procedures of what as a crew we have to follow. After about an hour, we got sent to go on life raft training – this means learning about how to use the life raft and what is included and what to do in an emergency. Now there are the right people that deal with the life rafts but we have to know as crew members incase anything happens, which may mean we will take over etc. After that another hour on more polices and procedures. 

I then got given some time off to eat lunch, before heading to training in my area with my leader. Taking in a lot more information – some which has been covered and some that was brand new and never been told before. 

After that, I got given some time off so a few of us from training, decided to visit Castaway Cay, it was beautiful. The sea was that turquoise blue that you always see in pictures and never expect to see in real life but it was like a dream beach. The sun was out (wasn’t quite blue blue but still very nice as a few clouds) but very hot. It was lovely. I met some friends and we just walked around the island getting a feel of the place. I took lots of pictures! 

At 4, we headed back onto the ship and went to our rooms to get more things ready. We had drug testing and electrical testing to do. Before having dinner and heading to my area for more training, this time I was wearing my uniform which is pale blue polo shirt, dark blue trousers and a yellow fleece if cold. Not too bad! 

After training, because of the area I work in, I’m allowed in some guest areas so I decided to go and watch the pirate night show on Deck 9. It was cool! After that I headed to my room for an early night but it was still 11:30! 

I am getting there with feeling home sick at points. I do like to speak to my family everyday. I wish I could see them but the internet is just not good enough yet and uses a lot of data. I am trying but we will see. I do want to enjoy this experience even if I only do it the one time. It’s hard – I’m still new, getting a lot of information thrown at me. It’s very overwhelming. Just everything I do, I want to tell my parents about it && that’s hard. 

Anyway speak again soon! 



5 thoughts on “Day 2 of Training Week

  1. The place sounds so amazing. Have you meet your room mate yet ? What is the food like I’m so excited for you and so proud you are staying strong keep going. Big hugs xxxx

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    1. It is lovely – a lot to take in and cruise life isn’t for everyone and some people it works and some it doesn’t. The food is okay – living off pasta which is my favourite as not brave enough to try lots of new things. Thank you xx


  2. Hi Mol – don’t forget everything is still very new and there is so much information that you have to know. Stick with it and in a few weeks you will feel much more comfortable in your new surroundings.. Lots of love an hugs Mum xx

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