Day 3; Training Continues

Okay, so I’m now on Day 3 of training on this cruise. Today was a sea day – so if I looked out of a window, I would just see blue sea. It’s still amazing and the weather is still lovely and hot, even with a few clouds. 

My day started at 8:30, with training until about 11:45-12. This included meeting the Captain who was lovely and from the Netherlands. The amazing thing about working for Disney Cruise Line is that there are about 52 nationalities all over the crew – this makes us very unique and means there is a lot to understand about each other and important to be diverse. Anyway, the training included a talk about Disabilities and how Disney deal with it on the ship, environment of the ship. All these things are very important but I know some of this information I won’t remember because it’s all so much to take in, in 1 week. 

After lunch, I and two of my friends from Orlando and training with me decided to go on a walk around the ship and trying to feel where everything is. I know where they all but it’s just is it forward, mid, aft or Port, starboard. Now these are terms I’m definetly not used to and obviously they are boat terms so I’ll try to explain.

  • Forward; Obvious but the front of the ship.
  • Mid; Again obvious, the middle of the ship.
  • Aft; Back of the ship.
  • Port; Left side of the ship.
  • Starboard; Right side of the ship.

It’s confusing for sure as the ship is so big. Anyway, so we did wonder and then spent time testing each other about safety procedures and things we need to know as a crew member. At 2-6pm, we had safety training which explained details about the procedures in place of emergency where to get the life boats but also how to deal with the guests and crowd control – this is very important.

After training, I had a quick bite to eat, got into my costume (uniform) and headed to training for my job, where I was given some health and safety talks – where things are kept if needed but also how to deal with chemicals in the space where I’ll be working. I spent some time on the floor in the area, interacting with the children and even got to meet Cinderella! I finished my training at about 9:15, headed to my room, where I took a quick shower, chatted to my roommate before heading to the crew mess at 10:30 – there is this thing where there is some ‘nicer food’ possibly guest left overs as such in the space and everyone seems to fight for it as once it’s gone, it’s gone. After that it was bedtime. I was so tired. 

I am definetly getting into the routine of life on board a ship, obviously I still like to connect with friends and family everyday if I can, just to pop a quick message. I don’t know loads of people yet so still trying to get into the social side of it, but hopefully I should get there. My team upstairs is very small for the nursery area, however in the whole team I think there is 40-50 crew members one of the biggest teams onboard.

The food on the ship, has been okay. Usually there is always rice, pasta, cereal, bread, then everything else usually changes so different salads, different soups, meat, fish. I am very fussy so this I may struggle with – at the moment I am not very hungry and I think this is to do with feeling homesick etc. 

My family and friends are so supportive, sending me messages, being 1000’s of miles away when I need a chat. It’s just amazing. Even for the ones signed up to my blog, it means the world to me, it shows me that you want to know how I am getting on and  I love you all for it! ❤

How is home? Is it still cold? Much going on? I would love to know.



6 thoughts on “Day 3; Training Continues

  1. Hi Molly,
    So happy your settling in okay.
    I love reading your Blog each day , your such an insperation, your doing just great, and becoming stronger each day.
    Sending lots of love from Sue,paul & Keeley xxx

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  2. So lovely to hear each day what you are getting upto and so happy to hear that your getting into life onboard ship. Nothing much happening here, weather has turned really cold, so cold that there has been quite a bit of snow in Scotland, Cumbria and the north of the country. Waiting patiently for pictures – so excited to see where you are and your ‘views of the day’.
    Sending lots of love and hugs. Mum xxx

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  3. Hi molly today has been wet and windy and only 4/5 degrees freezing for a sun lover like me. Would love for some warmth. Today we have heard of a terrorist attack in London very sad as 4 people are dead. 1 being the attacker. London has come to a standstill. Glad you are keeping busy and pleased you are meeting new friends how lovely to be able to say you know the real cinderella lol. Keep smiling hun xxx


  4. Hi Mollie, lovely to hear you are settling in to life on board your ship. Love hearing about your experiences! It is very cold and windy here, there has been snow in Cumbria!! Xxx


  5. Lovely to hear you saying “friends” when referring to people you are training with. Don’t even ask about the weather here….you’re not missing anything! I’ve got a challenge for you. Once you feel a bit more settled….try something new to eat every day!! You might surprise yourself!!


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