Day 4; Training

Training for this week is coming to an end soon. This doesn’t mean I’ll take my earning my ears badge off my tag and given to the guests on Sunday, here you go. No. It means I have on the job training so the real work begins then. At the moment I’m still quite new, working everything out. I am nervous about being left to my own device. I am still not sure I can hack it and if it’s for me. It panics me slightly.

Anyway, Today I had information given to me about my pay, which is just so confusing especially being English, if you are American it’s hard but not as bad, so I had that. I also had information given to me about characters how to interact with them && then cultural awareness – this is just understanding as crew members that there is a lot of different nationalities and we have to work as a team to help understand each other.

After the morning classes, we had time to explore Nassau, Bahamas – we didn’t have loads of time so we just grabbed some fresh air, the sun – looked around at what was going on. This island is a little bit bigger than Castaway Cay. 

At 1:30; we had safety training – which again is just repeats really, just so we understand exactly what would happen in emergency situations. The man teaching the class was from the UK, turns out he is from Northampton also (small world). After personal safety techniques, we had child protection – this is not a nice topic but definetly something which has to be talked about working on a Disney boat. It just shows you how to deal with the situation. Scary but unfortunately it happens.

After that, I had training in my job so health and safety training on how to deal with certain medical situations or accidents which happen in the work space especially with children. I then got to spend time on the floor interacting with children before attending Pluto’s PJ party now that was cool and all the children got very excited. 

At 9:30, I finished, had a shower and met a friend to walk around the ship once again, working out where everything is. We also headed up to guest merchandise shops just to have a look and managed to find a watch – finally! It’s hard work on a ship without one. 

Then again early night as possible as very tired and have an early morning! 


One thought on “Day 4; Training

  1. Molly it’s lovely reading how your getting on, keep going your stronger than you think, every1 is proud of you and you can do this!! ☺ So glad your making some friends to help you through the lonely times, am sure it’ll fly by once you start work properly and you’ll be back in England before you know it telling us all about the amazing places you’ve visited!! ☺xx

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