Day 6; Training.

Today was another busy day of training. How much more can I get into my head? Not much. 

This morning training began at 8:30, this was occupational health and safety so things like falling, tripping or slipping – that sort of thing and how to avoid it. After that, we had 30 minutes so I sorted out my account and made sure everything was fine. 

Then we had safety training part 2, personal survival techniques. This was just going over the same sort of stuff, drilling it into us to make sure we remember, which is fine. I had a small lunch break and then went to see the Olaf summer programme – this is for children in the youth activities area to go to, where there are games to play and at the end they get to meet Olaf which is always cool. 

Then security training which is just using your common sense but I guess some people haven’t which is why we have to cover it. That was long but got it done quickly. I then had time to set up my bank account which is where my money goes – all very confusing!  All sorted now though I think! More training in my area, seeing how things work, got time on the floor with the children which is always good. So cute! 

After that, I had the oppportunity to watch the show ‘Dreams’ now that was amazing. On the ship, there is a broadway style musical show nearly or every night which is great and I can actually attend if I’m not working because the children in the space may go or ask or even the adults so it’s important for us to know, so last night I got to go. It was great – got to see most of the main characters which are aboard the ship and the most popular within Disney. After that, I finished training and decided to pop up to watch the pirate show for a bit but didn’t stay for fireworks. I then moved downstairs to the crew mess to see if there was any nice food – not overly exciting then to bed.

I am definetly trying to stay positive and not think about home but I miss them a lot. It’s very difficult. Still not quite sure what to do. I’m going to keep powering through and do my absolute best to stick with it. I am scared to mention it to my leader but I know I shouldn’t be. Fingers crossed this stage will pass.



2 thoughts on “Day 6; Training.

  1. Molly you should have a chat with your leader. You might find it helps and I’m sure they’ll be very supportive and you certainly won’t be the first one to ever feel like this, so they’ll know how to handle it. X

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