Day 7; Training Completed

Day 7; all my basic safety training done ✔

This morning I started with a wet drill and this was fine. I do feel quite confident in the water and happy to float etc so this for me was okay. I don’t like jumping in the sea but that was fine. After that I had a bit of time to work on some paperwork and also laundry, we met up for an island tour of Castaway Cay. 

This was a great way to see the island and see what’s going on & where as crew we are allowed. There is even a crew beach which was amazing – clear blue waters. However today when we visited it was overcast, at points it was very warm. After lunch, we took a few photos and headed back on the tram. There is 2 to catch. As we were waiting for the 2nd one, the rain started. Luckily it was warm. We had to wait as the guests take priority so we didn’t get on the first one.

Eventually, we got back to the ship, where I collected my laundry and got changed ready for work at 3. I had a bit more safety training in my area, some time on the floor before grabbing some dinner. I then headed back to the floor and completed a health and safety scavenger hunt. I then again spent some more time on the floor which means spending time in my area with the children. It was lovely. I then got to attend a heroes and villain up with the teenagers where it was a game called ‘price is right’ which is basically guessing the price of Disney items which can be brought in the shop. I finished around 9:30.

I am really struggling – just really not sure this is for me. I just want to be with my family. I sent my mum some flowers for Mothers Day today (it’s Sunday) & I just want to be with them and not 100s of 1000s miles away. I’m just finding this very hard. I don’t want to give up but I’m just not sure it’s for me. I’m scared. I’m tired. I just want to be somewhere where I know and it’s not on this ship on my own. I tried this because I thought there would be more social side of it and meet new people. I say hello to them but I don’t feel close to any of them, because you never get time off at the same time. I’m just finding it very hard. 

I really don’t know what to do! 



4 thoughts on “Day 7; Training Completed

  1. Hi Mols
    Your doing great Hun, it’s so different for you and it’s all still so new!! Your still training too! Maybe you’ll find it’s more sociable when you’ve finished training?
    We are all so proud of you,
    sending lots of love

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  2. You are doing amazingly well and think how proud of yourself when you finish the 4 months… hang in there and you’ll be fine. Your family will still be there when you come back…. lots of love xxxx

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  3. Am loving reading your blogs Molly, I think your doing amazingly well, it’s completely normal to feel homesick I am sure, I think once your training is over and your really into it you will feel much better. I think your a real inspiration to young nannies of what a career in childcare can lead to and have mentioned you to a few of my new girls. I think your great. Keep going and enjoy ! Lots of love x

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  4. You have done your first week on board well done you. So very proud of you as if you were my own. my daughter is going to uni in September and although it is only 3 hours away will struggle like you. Go and talk to the others about your home sickness I bet they feel it to even if they are only a little way away from there families. Your family is a huge part of your life and it is very understandable to miss them especially on a day like mothers day. Your mums flowers will have made her smile and your whole family will be so proud of you no matter what. Your mum is probably making to most of her washing basket being so empty or the fact she can go in the bathroom and not have to put the toothpaste away. Enjoy your time making memories that one day you will be able to tell your own kids. Keep smiling Molly sending big hugs and remember you have meet a real princess love Sam xxx

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