Hello April

April has arrived. I always love April because in England, we usually have lovely sunny weather with the odd shower, which is fine by me. I can cope with that, however I’m not in England anymore if you didn’t already know, I’m working on a cruise ship.

How do I feel?

The last two weeks for me have been very tough, definitely pushed me and I can tell you that every day I have been upset and wanted to leave but I know I have to do this for me but also for my family and friends. They have been truly there for me and I will never forget it. Being away from home is hard and I’m hoping it will get easier. 

Goals for this month; 

  • To make it through the month of working on the beautiful Disney Wonder. 
  • To make new friends on the ship.
  • To read 3 books – I love to read and definetly miss reading all the time. I have the perfect opportunities to sit out on the deck in the sun to read but I just get upset and want to speak to my parents.
  • To enjoy! 

The goals are small and something that I do all the time at home but it’s a big thing when you are alone on a ship with 1000 strangers who you don’t know without your family and friends beside you. 

Any goals for the month? I would love to know 



4 thoughts on “Hello April

  1. Sounds like those goals are achievable Molly. Sitting on the deck reading sounds like bliss!!! My goal is to read more too….I’ve been trying to get into a book for ages and keep starting again because I can’t get going with it! Our first day of April has started quite chilly but it got sunny later on. No flip flops out here yet!! It’s so lovely to read your blog Molly. Hope work is going well. I haven’t started that jigsaw yet….maybe that should be another goal!!
    Look forward to your next update. Take care xx

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  2. I love your idea of goals for the month so mine are to lose at least 4lb and to get a new job. I have a second interview on Friday to meet daddy if the new nanny family . Great job molly keep smiling xxx

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