Week 2

Week 2 has been a training week for me but in the nursery. I have been following a trainer who is lovely, she calls me her daughter as I’m the youngest and she really looks after me. It makes me feel so at home. I am have been shadowing her this week and she’s been telling me how everything works in the space, including;

  • Changing diapers (nappies).
  • Cleaning the area.
  • Opening and closing the spaces
  • Dealing with food.
  • Playing with the children.

At the end of the week on Sunday (day late sorry!) at the meeting, I lost my red tag which says ‘earning my ears’ this is to show guests and other crew members I’m training. My trainer gave me some little presents to welcome me; a picture of me and her with Olaf, a book full of nice messages from everyone in Youth Activities and a scrapbook saying ‘adventures’. This was very nice and made me feel very welcome into the team. 

During the week, in my time off, I have been swimming, sunbathing, visited the islands. I even managed to attend a circus type show and pirate night with fireworks. I have been out with a few friends at the bar but also a scavenger hunt type thing to say goodbye as one of my tradition friends has been moved to a different ship 😦 which is a shame.

I have developed a cold and sore throat and suffered cramps in the back of my legs this week. I think cramp is due to the walking up and down the stairs! On Friday, I was really feeling down and just couldn’t get out of it. I just wanted to go home, especially when you are ill you just want to be with your family. 

Overall, I am getting there. It does take a time and I’m hoping now I’m working it will be better.  

16 weeks left to go.

Anything happening at home? TV, eastenders? I do miss watching TV. How’s the weather? Has it warmed up? 



8 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Hi Molly so glade you are getting on well with your new work colleges. The weather is good and its meant to be good here all week. I’ve lots of cleaning and washing to do this week so I’m really glad. EastEnders is getting good. Michelle is in hospital after driving into the fish and chip shop. Were Cathy was working. Koosh was injured and now he and Denies have decided to tell everyone they are an item Carmella is not impressed. Sylvie has died she electrocuted herself in the bath with a cd player. Becks now knows that Preston was using her. Martin took him to the airport so he could go back to America but not 100% sure he has gone. Lauren has been texting a block she meet as she is board with Steven. Mick has gone to see Nancy as she has been hit by a car. All the normal joys in Albert square lol. Hope this message finds you feeling better. Get better hugs coming your way love Sam xxx

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  2. Hi Molly, glad to see you are settling in, working at your role will make all the difference! Well the clocks have gone forward an hour so we get more daylight in the evening which is good but that means mornings are darker! It’s the school holiday now and it has warmed up a little but obviously not like your lovely weather! Make the most of it Molly, all your photos look great, take care, Liz xx

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  3. Glad to hear training is going well and that you’re now feeling a part of the team. Yes eastenders has been the usual rubbish….but I still watch it!!! Me and hayley cycled round Pitsford yesterday with Norah and Edie in a trailer. It was hard work but good fun. The girls caught the sun a little bit on their cheeks but it’s back to cloudy today so the sunshine didn’t last long!! (We’d all rather have a bit of your sunshine!!). I still haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. Need to go soon. We went to nature Tots last week and had to make a birds nest again like we did last year when we first went…do you remember? I’m still rubbish at making a nest!! It was packed….about 32 children!!!!!
    Keep posting on your blog. It’s great to hear how you’re doing!
    Lots of love xx

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    1. Aww nice, sounds good! It’s usually nice in Easter holidays!
      It’s good – I have watched it twice but my eyes were closing in both so totally not with it! I’ll watch again properly at home!
      Oh yeah, wow that sounds busy!
      Thank you xxx


  4. Hi Mols!
    Glad your settling in now and I know your going to love it!
    Have you seen the pictures of the new pup? We’ve called her Maya after Nanny’s maiden name (spell and pronounced abit different) thought it would be nice to have a family name there!
    Heidi starts her course on the 18th and I’ve met her handler and she’s lovely!
    Chin up lovely enjoy your experiences and the sunshine!
    I’m enjoying reading your blog!
    Emma xxxxx

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