Week 4

Okay, it’s now been a month since I got on the ship. 

How do I feel? Honestly, I am making the most of my time for sure yes, visiting the ports, getting off when I can, seeing the shows, visiting guest areas, making the most of the sun! (Much better than home) BUT, it’s not home. Sometimes I feel numb, there is no other way of describing it. I just feel numb to the fact that I’m here. I just get on with the routine and just do what I need to do. Yes I get lonely, as everyone works on different schedules so the friends I know aren’t finished at the same time so I do still have alone time, which is nice but not when I’m trying to keep busy. When I want to be with friends enjoying the time off. I feel lost and that’s weird and hard for me.

This week, I have felt uncomfortable with a few people but I’ve tried to not let it bother me too much. This is hard to do because to a certain degree you are unable to get away from them && I feel that because I’m new, they think I can’t handle situations and do things but I know I can. I’m so used to working on my own and doing things all by myself with maybe one arm as the other there is a baby attached. However I have also spoken to a few new people on the team – YA (Youth Activities) is such a big team that it does take a while to speak to everyone && gain a relationship – it is also hard because people are coming and going on the ship every week so it’s been nice to get to know some more people. I am shocked at how many English are in the department, so I don’t feel too far away from home! 

This week hasn’t been too busy activity wise. At the beginning of the week, there was an entertainment party for all the team so that includes mainstage performers who perform in the shows every night, YA team, character team, musicians, lifeguards, and a few other people. That was fun. It took place in two of the guest areas which is shut for guests during this time (12-2am) it was a fun night, getting to dress up and relax, not talking about work. As we are going through the Panama crossing soon, there is a talent show which I think explained last week that crew can take part in and we show the guests but also the crew too in a show. I have decided to become a part of the team – to get involved and make friends but also to enjoy. I hope to get someone to video it or take photos so I can show you all but for now it’s a secret! There was a rehearsal this week. In port canaveral, I got off the boat with a friend and my roommate and I visited Starbucks – felt like a normal person before visiting the mall to grab lunch at chick fill-a. It was yummy. Definetly bored of the food given on the ship && then Saturday I had a few hours off and I visited Castaway Cay and spent some relaxing time at the crew beach enjoying the sun. The views and the water is amazing. It’s clear, warm – everything you could ever want.

I also had my kapa this week. Kapa is a test, like a multiple choice test which I have to take for the nursery space but also the YA spaces ( older children) I passed! No issues there. I am finally a nursery counsellor! 

That is all for now. Any updates? Gossip? What’s going on? 



5 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. really excited to here about what you are doing on the show. Trying to guess if you sing, dance or maybe your molly the magician lol. Keep busy and keep smiling xxx

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  2. Hi Molly , nice to read what up to, even if every now again you feel sad , but you seem to be embracing what you can xx
    Hopefully see you soon
    Gossip !! Ha I g to do eBay in my own !!!! 😂😱

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  3. Hi Molly. Stumbled upon your blog. I’m a US Disney fan… and cruise DCL fairly regularly (Dream and Fantasy, so far, haven’t yet gotten to the Magic or Wonder). And, when our kids were young, we used the Nursery frequently, too.

    In reading about your adventures (I’m guessing that Adventures scrapbook you got is modeled after a prop from the movie Up!), I’m sorry to hear about your homesickness. I remember when I was away from home my first time – younger than you and not as far away – but the feeling is powerful and can be frightening. I just want you to remember why you’re on board and how important you are to the little kids that pass under your legs.

    My son went to the Nursery when he was too young for Oceaneers Club, but old enough to know what the Nursery was. He SCREAMED for the first 20 minutes or so. And then, because of YA staff like you, we had to DRAG him away at the end of the night. You and the rest of the CM’s make or break vacations (almost always “make”). Us parents are HUGE fans of yours.

    We know it’s a lot of work and exhausting hours. We know it’s not glamorous and the pay probably isn’t making you rich. But we are incredibly grateful for your presence.

    And that’s even before you account for the Disney factor. Did you know that Traditions used to be a week-long class? Being DCL adds a layer of expectation to guest experience, sure, but parents know that the “magic” is really a result of blood, sweat and tears from each and every CM. And we are extremely grateful for that effort. You make our DCL experience one that we want to repeat time and time again.

    So in case you’re not hearing it enough from the guests and other CM’s, thank you for jumping into this new (and somewhat scary) experience.

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