Week 5

This was the last week in each port before we move through Panama Canal and start some new iternaries. I am excited for the change.

This week has been an okay week luckily I’ve been able to spend some time in each port. On Tuesday in Nassau, I managed to be a ‘tourist’. I did my research and walked to visit the Queens Steps and a fort which was interesting especially for me as this is something to do with British history and slavery before Queen Victoria took reign. I will definetly do a more detailed blog post about each trip when I get home and can upload photos to go with it and explain. Here it just uses up too much data. 

On Saturday, I managed to get half a day out on Castaway Cay, Disneys own private island which only Disney cruise ships go to. As you may know I’ve snorkelled at the island already and this time I decided to spend time at the beach, before grabbing a bike and cycling around the island as this is a quicker way of seeing the whole island. I really wanted to do the stingray adventure but I just didn’t have enough time for this. Bucket list! I had a great time on the bikes, I took videos and lots of photos which I will share (again when home). In the morning; the weather had been very overcast but by lunch time, on the bikes, I caught the sun slightly and now I have a nice racer back type line on my back and everywhere is slightly sore – it’s been worse! 

This week, coastguard came aboard the ship and this is big. It’s like a test. They come round, watch us do the drill. They may ask questions and it is rather very scary, especially for me as I’m new. They did also visit spaces including the nursery just to check everything was correct e.g. Fire hoses not blocked, exits clear. Luckily for me, they didn’t ask me any questions. Phew! And I think from a test perspective, I think it went ok but not 100% nothing was said in the meeting.

This week I’ve been speaking to new people especially new hires like me and speaking about how we all feel and if we would do it again. Still I’m unsure of what to do. At the beginning of the contract, my answer would definetly have been no, but now I’m into the job and the lifestyle slightly, I am on the edge of no and yes. I don’t want to give up at the first hurdle but this lifestyle is just so different and unfortunately it’s not just a job. It is a life change, living on a ship, being away from your family. 

The next two weeks, we are doing the Panama Canal. The internet is not meant to be as strong during this time. I will do my best to work something out. 

Let me know what’s going on at home!



4 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Love reading your blogs Molly – I am so pleased that you are beginning to enjoy your new life change – we will all be here on your return – lots of love to you always – Mum xxx

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  2. I also love reading your blogs a new for me lol. We have just had a nice weekend with some nice weather supposed to change tomorrow and we may have some very cold weather coming even snow. I’m so glad you are starting to have fun and think once you are settled you will enjoy your time even more and your time will fly by. Keep us posted but continue to stay safe and have fun xxx

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  3. Well done on making some new friends Mols. We told you that it would get easier. You just need time to adjust, it was never going to be easy. Just enjoy it for what it is – a free holiday (cruise). You’ll soon be back in dreary England.

    You’re family and friends are all still here and we will be here waiting for you when you return home. I’m looking forward to catching up with you on your return (I’ll pop down to see you guys).

    Keep posting whenever you’re able to – I enjoy reading your exploits and escapades. Just remember, it’s all character-building!

    Love your one and only Big Bro

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  4. Yes it’s great reading your blog. …makes me so envious to hear about the lovely weather and the nice places you are managing to visit, even if you don’t have much time…..your bucket list will be huge!!
    Dave and I went to the Lake District at the weekend. We walked 30 miles in 2 and a half days! My legs really ached when we came home. The weather was really weird. Sunny one minute then snowing the next! It was very beautiful there though especially with snow on top of the mountains and bright blue sky. No sunburn for us!!!!
    It is soooo nice to hear that you feel more settled. Don’t start thinking about what you’ll do next….just take this trip one day at a time and enjoy the experience as much as you can.
    Take care. Lots of love
    Julia x

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