Hello May

Okay, so May has arrived and I’ve been onboard the Disney Ship for over a month (7 weeks or so). I’m definetly feeling better about the ship life and how it all works. I’ll go into detail about my weeks as the weeks happen but for now I’m here to talk about how April went and goals for May.

In April, I started working in the Nursery full time no more training. This was great, it made me feel more independent and actually understand how everything works, dealing with new situations which I haven’t come across before and don’t understand. This was good for me because I definetly am the person who likes to trial and play around with everything, e.g. The computer files working out where things are and what they contain. I also managed to read three books which was great, I didn’t even rush any of them. I read them at my own pace. 

I feel a bit more involved with the crew members and definetly making friends and making the most out of it by enjoying every moment. 

In May, I haven’t had chance to think about my goals but here goes;

  • Read 4 books – push the boundaries. I do love to read and definetly feel more positive when I have read a chapter or two.
  • To be outside in the fresh air, taking photos as much as possible. I love photography and fed up of air con. 
  • To be postive, happy and confident. More personal. 

Good luck to the month of May! Hopefully we will all have a great month and I would love to know your goals for the month. We can check them out at the end of the month and see how well everyone did. 



3 thoughts on “Hello May

  1. Molly well done on all your reading. I’m inspired by your goals so I’m going to make my own here it goes
    Lose 4lb in weight
    walk 5000 steps a day
    good luck with your goals and keep smiling xxx

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  2. Hi Molly , pleased you seem to more settled , my goals are ( and I know you will laugh)
    To actually try to read a chapter without falling asleep ( to get to a 3 rd page would be nice )
    To do more eBay !!! Takes me forever without my PA

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  3. Lovely to read your blog again Mols! You’re sounding to much happier! Glad to hear you’re finding time to read….must mean you’re feeling more relaxed and settled in your new life. You’re also sounding more confident about your work which is great! It’s great that you’re finding time for photography too…..when you get back you’ll look at those pics and see what an amazing experience you’ve had.
    Having goals seems a great idea and very achievable. One of mine is to read more and I’ve joined a local book club too. Another goal of mine is to cut out takeaways, biscuits, crisps and cakes and to eat healthily! I’m sticking to it well, but still enjoy a glass of wine!!!!! Don’t think I could cut this out!!
    I’m going to try and arrange an overdue catch up with your mum soon, so I’m sure she’ll have lots to tell me about. Take care. Lots of love xx

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