Week 8/9

Okay, so week 8/9 not really sure where we are anymore all I know is that I’m about mid way through my contract now.

I am leaving on 10th July so 2 months on board, two months until I leave this week. When I started my training, they showed me a graph of how our emotions will go. Right now my emotions are following the graph, I’m in the lows as I’ve done half and now slowly going to go up as I get ready to go home.

This week, my room mate left. I loved my room mate, Clare. She was great, we used to go out together, we used to chat for ages. It was lovely we got on so well, but she’s gone 😦 and unfortunately I go on vacation as she comes back. She’s from England so I hope we can meet up at some point! 

I didn’t manage to get off much, San Diego where I brought some clothes and a bag 🙂 – decided to treat myself && then on Saturday, we were at Ensenada and I had a good few hours off there and managed to visit the city and explore which was nice and I really enjoyed it. You do have to be careful because of the hagglers and trying to pinch things but that happens everywhere. I even managed to buy my family a few little things. Today I was in San Diego again so a few of us grabbed free wifi! Woo! & then a few shops. More things for me 🙂 

Otherall, a quiet week. Only thing going on was drinks to Clare to say goodbye and Happy Birthday to Ilse, a friend who works in the Nursery. It was a quiet week and I needed that to calm down.

Been slow at reading recently, I think it’s because the weather is not as warm as Florida. So need to get back into it! Enjoying the book though! 

That’s all for this week.



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