Hello June

May is over and June has arrived. I have just over a month left of working on this beautiful ship ‘The Wonder’. I have made some friends and I hope they are for life. The whole ship life has it’s ups and downs and every day is completely different. I feel more at peace here as I know what I’m doing and know what happens each day. We are currently in the Alaska season visiting different ports.

In May, my goals were to take more photographs which I am trying to do but also visiting each port and seeing the history of how it became etc. Unfortunately I only read 2 books this month. 

Goals for June;

  • Photography – I am going to be out taking arty shots etc at every opportunity not just the typical tourist ones. It’s just having the time.
  • To enjoy my last month onboard this ship – to go out when I can, to spend time with friends and to see the beautiful scenes this world has to offer us.
  • To keep fit and look after myself – I need to keep the running up, taking the time to have naps if I’m tired and not run myself into the ground and to not go out every night! (Oops).

Did you stick to your goals this month? Have you set any new ones? I’d love to know.



2 thoughts on “Hello June

  1. It’s lovely to hear that you’ve settled into ship life and making the most of the amazing places you are visiting and taking lots of fabulous photos – can’t believe the time has gone so quickly and you’ll be back home 🏡 in just over a month – we are all looking forward to catching up with you and our holiday will be great for that – speak soon – lots of love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. You’re sounding so settled and happier each week Molly and now you’re on the homeward stretch….it’s gone so quickly!!! It sounds like you’ve been really busy, but at least you’re getting time to do a bit of sightseeing and have some ‘downtime’ which is important.
    I had a catch-up with your mum last week….we went to Delapre for coffee and we’re still there 4 hours later!!!! Got a bit sunburnt too! The weather was lovely last week but this week it’s been dreadful! It’s cold and wet and I’ve put my heating back on in the evening!
    Keep up with the blog.. I look forward to reading about what you’re up to.
    Take care and lots of love xx

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