Hello July

July has arrived. There is lots happening in July. 

  • I leave the Disney Wonder and go home to my family :). 10th July
  • It’s my birthday – I get to spend my birthday at home which is good. 13th July.

July is the summer month where I get to relax and enjoy every moment.

My goals for June were very basic – taking photos, I definetly tried my best and yes there are tourist ones of course. I have to celebrate and have a memory of each moment. I didn’t read many books – only 2. When I get home I will definetly find more time to read. I didn’t do much exercise running but I would hike in the ports to see everything. I also did enjoy the month of June and going out with friends and having the down time. 

July Goals are very simple but important;

  • Enjoy every moment.
  • Relax. 

Once I’m home, I will go into detail about the ports and what things there is to do and share my experiences in much more detail.
How was June? Any plans for the summer?



One thought on “Hello July

  1. Hi Mol – looking forward to you coming home and going on holiday as a family!! – but please carry on enjoying your experience and making the most of every moment and memory you are creating.
    Love you and see you in 9 days
    Mum xx


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