Glacier Day

Tracy Arm is a fjord in Alaska near to Juneau and is named after the Secretary of the Navy Benjamin Franklin Tracy. It has tidewater and elevated glaciers, mountains, sheer rock walls that are over a mile high with waterfalls that reach the water. In the summer, Tracy Arm is home to pigeon guillemots, kittiwakes and arctic terns. The ice in Tracy Arm interferes with the sonar of whales so is home to 100s of harbour seals to have their pups.

The Disney Wonder tries to sail to Tracy Arm on every cruise however things may and often do change due to the conditions around the glacier. No cruise ship has been able to visit the glacier since 2014/15 and only from 10 miles. However the Disney Wonder made history again this year as we managed to get closer than 10 miles. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it the whole way due to the ice but we got closer – 7/8 miles I would say. There was lots of ice around and apparently even some guests saw whales outside.

If the Disney Wonder doesn’t make it to Tracy Arms, we visit the sister glacier ‘Endicott Arm’ which is very similar to Tracy Arms and both over 30 miles long and there is less ice in the water. ¬†Sometimes we visit Sawyer Glacier too which is an active tidewater glacier which means it breaks off, pieces of ice anywhere from big to small can hit the water with a roar. The Sawyer is a little more than half a mile wide and the water at the end of the fjord is nearly 600 feet deep. Sometimes you may see Mountain Goats, Harbour Seals, Whales, Bears and Birds.



















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