Hello August

Let’s review July, In July, I enjoyed my last week onboard the Disney Wonder visiting each port and spending time with all my friends. Once home, I’ve not been that busy, settling back into being at home, catching up with friends and family and working out what to do next. I do relax and enjoy every moment I can do so I’m pleased with how July went.

August is now here.

1st August can be a sad time for my family and I because two years ago, I lost my nanny. She was the heart and soul of the family, always the one to cheer everyone up but also the one to tell you off (no matter your age, 5 or 50). Everything had to be run past her. Whenever I went to her house, she would always have lots of food which everyone would nibble on. She was an amazing lady. She died at the age of 79, of cancer. It was a hard time for us all. She would have been so proud of me for going to work for Disney Cruise Line. I miss you nanny.



In August, I have a holiday planned with my family (Mum,Dad, Sister and her boyfriend and me) to Mallorca which will be nice ( definitely blogging about once I’m back). I also have a few more things planned with my friends and family before either going back to the Cruise Ship or a full time job here as a nanny – I still can’t decide what to do. Many decisions to be made. If I do stay, I want to do more travelling all over the world but also in England too. England is pretty and unfortunately I haven’t seen much of it at all. This is definitely a goal of mine for the rest of the year to do.

Ok, time for me to set some goals in August, I’ve been thinking about this for a while;

  • A big goal of mine this month is to read. I love reading and being on the ship, I definitely struggled to read one book in 4 months, let alone anymore. Normally I am reading 1 a week. Since being back, I really have struggled to pick up a book – this is very unlike me. Holiday should help with getting back into it.
  • Photography – If I decide to stay, I am going to take up a photography course. I’ve been watching a programme on TV called ‘Wild Alaska’, photographing and videoing animals. This is definitely a big dream of mine and something I definitely want to consider. I just need to build up my skills and practice. If I am bored, take my camera down to a local park, streets – anywhere to capture something, a story possibly.
  • Create memories. Being away from home makes you realise who and what is at home while you are away. I have missed my friends and family and definitely want to create memories with them that I can cherish forever. Having day trips, visiting new places, having fun.
  • Exercise/Dieting. While I was away, I lost quite a bit of weight, I felt like I needed to. Since I’ve been back I’ve really struggled and just been eating everything as I’ve missed all this English food. Now that is over, I need to be careful what I am eating. Try to eat balanced meals with exercise. My mum and dad brought a second hand bike for me to use so I need to use this more. Since I’ve been back, the weather has been horrible so unfortunately not been out on it much. Get up early and get out there!

Do you have any goals for August? I’d love to hear your plans for the summer.




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